SAE Boards and Committees

SAE International is governed by a Board of Directors headed by the President who also serves as the Chair of the Board. The Board supports the Society's mission of serving a global network of mobility engineers by providing industry standards and life-long learning, networking and career-development opportunities.

The Board is responsible for redefining SAE's strategic direction, providing leadership that links SAE's members to the operating organization and ensuring organizational performance on a macro level. The Board's approach to governing SAE is based upon vision, empowerment and total quality principles. Its concise Governance Policy Manual captures SAE's overall direction and describes the roles of SAE's Board committees, and operating boards.


Bylaws Committee
This Bylaws Committee, on a regular basis, reviews and report to the Board any questions, problems and/or recommendation arising with respect to the Bylaws.
Executive Nominating Committee
The Executive Nominating Committee maintains a current pool of qualified candidates and select nominees for President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Directors according to the then-current strategic plan of the Board. Nomination form
Fellows Committee
The Fellows Committee evaluates all nominations and makes recommendations to the Board for approval and election to Fellow Grade membership.
Finance Committee
The Finance Committee supervises the financial affairs of SAE, subject to the Financial Management Policy as approved by the Board.
Financial Audit Committee
The Financial Audit Committee selects the independent auditor to audit SAE's financial condition on an annual basis, reviews the audit report submitted to the Committee by the Auditor and communicates the Auditor's recommendations to both the Finance Committee and the Board.


Administrative Committee & Trustees
The Trustees have the responsibility for administering the SAE Retirement Income Plan and the SAE Employee Beneficiary Association Trust.
Board Planning Committee
The Board Planning Committee serves the Board as a long-range planning committee and is responsible for interfacing with Operating Boards, monitoring that the strategic plan is integrated throughout the Society.
Compensation Committee
The Committee evaluates the performance of the Chief Executive Officer and actively monitors the Chief Executive Officer and Staff Leadership progression and succession plan.


The Education Board develops, monitors and approves all SAE education programs related to pre-college education, university education as well as continuing professional development. Learn More
The Engineering Meetings Board organizes congresses and conferences, at which pertinent information and/or technical papers are presented and discussed, including joint meetings with other societies and overseas meeting deemed worthy of SAE participation. Learn More
The Foundation Board of Trustees oversees fundraising; monitors donor satisfaction regarding use of funds, and promotes the SAE Foundation and educational activities. Learn More
The Membership Board defines the SAE International Member Value Proposition, develops services and programs, which encourage mobility practitioners from around the world to join SAE International and retain their memberships, encourages the exchange and dissemination of technical information through local activities and internet networking and establishes policies regarding membership local section activities. Learn More
Publications Board
The Publications Board develops policies on income from SAE's array of published papers, reports and electronic media and determines how these materials will be produced and distributed.
The Technical Standards Board promotes and supervises the activities and reports of SAE's technical committees, and develops standards for the aerospace, commercial vehicle and automotive sectors through its councils and technical committees. Learn More
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