Ground Vehicle Standards

Founded in 1905 as the Society for Automobile Engineers, SAE International has been at the forefront of ground vehicle (GV) technical information and engineering standards for more than 100 years. Currently there are more than 2,600 GV standards available, covering hundreds of topical areas relating to ground vehicle design, manufacturing, testing, and performance. SAE also covers the commercial vehicle industry, providing standards for the truck, mass transit, agricultural, and construction markets.

SAE's GV standards, also known as J-Reports, are developed by more than 400 technical committees made up of approximately 4,000 members from around the world. These industry leaders and technical experts work hard to ensure that SAE standards remain current and well-respected by automotive manufacturers and suppliers around the world, who recognize their primary benefits. Specifically, SAE standards help companies

  • establish consistent and clear expectations for product performance and reliability,
  • ensure regulatory compliance,
  • maintain consistent product quality,
  • promote compatibility and interoperability, and
  • reduce overall design and production costs.

Find out why automotive engineering professionals around the world rely on SAE standards to improve product performance, quality, and safety. To get you started, we have compiled a list of our top-selling GV standards below.

Top Selling SAE GV Standards

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