Identification and Measurement of Best Practice in Implementation of Lean Operation

SAE J4000 is a tool to identify and measure best practice in the implementation of lean operation in a manufacturing organization. Implementation of lean operation is defined as the process of eliminating waste exhibited in an organization's value stream. Best practice in this process is Level 3 conduct as described in the standard's component statements. A description of the levels of implementation is: Level 0 The component is not in place at all or there are major inconsistencies in implementation. Level 1 The component is in place but there are minor inconsistencies in implementation. Level 2 The component is fully in place and effectively implemented. Level 3 The component is fully in place, effectively implemented and exhibits improvement in execution over the past 12 months. A procedure for evaluation and scoring of each component will be included in the SAE J4001 Implementation of Lean Operation User Manual.

Date Published: 1999-08-31
Issuing Committee: Automotive Quality And Process Improvement Committee

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